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National VAT

In our project consulting and ongoing advising, we can rely on our partners’ and staff’s many years of experience in the fiscal authorities, as consultants with renowned law, tax and corporate law firms and as appraisers for recognised publishing houses. You can benefit from this wealth of experience as we apply it to your VAT concerns to develop practice-orientated solutions. We also guide our clients in the fields of compliance and declaration by supporting them in the complete fulfilment of all VAT declaration, documentation and storage obligations as well as in the correspondence with fiscal authorities. We also advise our clients in matters of customs and excise duties.

TLI VAT Services can provide you with the following services:

  • Legal opinions on all VAT and customs related matters
  • Reviewing and modelling (contractual) supply chains to optimise VAT consequences
  • VAT consulting in founding new businesses and corporate transactions
  • Preparing and filing preliminary VAT returns
  • Preparing and filing annual VAT returns
  • Preparing and filing of recapitulative statements and Intrastat notifications