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Tax compliance and process consulting

We support you with the fulfilment of all formal requirements for proper VAT compliance. To this end, we analyse existing processes for our clients and - insofar as we recognise potential for improvement - work with them to come up with practical solutions for their companies.

We see ourselves as your partner in integrating VAT into your ERP system. For this purpose, we record the VAT relevant processes of your business, evaluate them from a VAT perspective and translate the results into a matrix which then forms the basis for establishing VAT determination processes in your ERP system.

We always provide you with proactive advice to ensure the best possible result for your business. Furthermore, due to our consultants’ extensive experience of working in the fiscal authorities, we have the necessary know-how to simulate IT based tax audits in your company. In this respect, we can run audits directly in your ERP system using the same methods as applied by the fiscal authorities.

At TLI VAT Services, support extends to the following:

  • Simulating special VAT audits
  • Simulating external VAT audits
  • In-house training
  • SAP and ERP health checks
  • Drafting and reviewing VAT compliance processes and TCMS
  • Creation of business process models as a basis for a fully-automated VAT determination in the ERP system

Thanks to our network, we also have the necessary expertise in IT and process consulting to draft, optimise or integrate your ERP system into another ERP system.