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The challenge
In busi­ness-to-busi­ness trans­ac­tions VAT ID num­bers play a cru­cial role. The cor­rect­ness of in­voices de­pends also upon the cor­rect­ness of the VAT ID num­ber of the busi­ness part­ner.

Busi­ness trans­ac­tions with wrong VAT ID num­bers can lead to penal­ties and some­times crim­i­nal charges. With stan­dard func­tion­al­i­ties, when the VAT ID is en­tered in the SAP sys­tem or used in busi­ness trans­ac­tions, only the for­mal cor­rect­ness like length and for­mat of the VAT ID is checked but not the va­lid­ity.

With this in mind, our VAT in SAP® ex­perts have de­vel­oped a so­lu­tion for val­i­dat­ing VAT IDs in SAP® ERP:

VAT ID Validator
User friendly. Efficient. Secure.

Up­grade your SAP® ERP sys­tem to in­clude TLI VAT ID Val­ida­tor! Re­duce strain of your em­ploy­ees and min­i­mize the source of er­rors!

Your benefits at a glance
  • The VAT ID num­bers of your cus­tomers and ven­dors can be checked au­to­mat­i­cally in SAP® ERP
  • The so­lu­tion is com­pletely em­bed­ded in SAP® ERP but also of­fers the pos­si­bil­ity to im­port ex­ter­nal data from dif­fer­ent sys­tems for val­i­da­tion
  • Check VAT ID num­bers sin­gu­larly or bun­dled – check them as of­ten as wanted
  • Gives you full con­trol of the sta­tus of the VAT ID val­i­da­tion within your com­pany at any time
  • Sim­ple use for your tax ex­perts – no spe­cial IT knowl­edge re­quired
  • Due to the learn­ing abil­ity of the so­lu­tion the val­i­da­tion time is re­duced to a min­i­mum
„Out of the Box”-Features
  • In­di­vid­ual VAT ID num­ber check (sin­gle re­quest) by BZSt and VIES ser­vice providers
  • Pos­si­bil­ity to re­quest let­ter of ac­knowl­edge­ment from BZSt for the val­i­dated VAT ID num­bers
  • Check of mul­ti­ple VAT ID num­bers (batch re­quest) via BZSt and VIES in­ter­faces. Cus­tomer or ven­dor mas­ter data can be se­lected for batch re­quests de­pend­ing on the re­quire­ment. Re­sults are saved in a cus­tom data­base table for fur­ther ref­er­ence
  • Pos­si­bil­ity to up­load busi­ness part­ner de­tails from ex­ter­nal files for VAT ID num­ber val­i­da­tion
  • Main­te­nance of plau­si­ble vari­a­tions in a white-list
  • Re­port gen­er­a­tion func­tion­al­ity for batch re­quest re­sults and pos­si­bil­ity to ex­port it to ex­cel
  • Ful­ly in­te­grated into sales or­der cre­ation/change, cus­tomer cre­ation/change, ven­dor cre­ation/change and billing. Au­to­mated VAT ID va­lid­ity check is per­formed in back­ground dur­ing these busi­ness pro­cess­es
  • This so­lu­tion will come with: User doc­u­men­ta­tion within Soft­ware (F1-Help but­tons)

Soft­ware re­quire­ments: VAT ID Val­ida­tor is an ex­ten­sion soft­ware for SAP® ERP sys­tems. To use it, the buyer re­quires at least SAP® ECC 6.0 on a NetWeaver 7.02 and EHP 5.

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Next to “VAT ID Validator” TLI VAT Suite offers additional comprehensive solutions for your VAT management.
“VAT ID Validator” is a product from the service range “Process and IT optimisation for VAT”.