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The challenge
The challenge for the purchasing department is not only to check suppliers’ invoices thoroughly to ensure that the formal requirements for input tax deduction are met, but also that the goods and services provided by the supplier have been correctly classified under substantive law. Often the people checking invoices do not have “the full Picture” making a thorough check difficult or impossible.

When verifying invoices, you must create a complete overview of all parameters relevant to the transaction in question. This is the only way to ensure that you can check the VAT appraisals in the invoice issued by the supplier and verify that you are entitled to the input tax deduction.

Our VAT and SAP® experts have developed an innovative solution for checking VAT appraisals in the SAP®system:

Tax Determination 4.0 Purchases –
Effective. Transparent. Secure.

Enhance your SAP® system to include a modern tax determination architecture! Save resources, reduce your colleagues’ workload and minimise sources of error!

Your benefits at a glance
  • Automated tax determination tailored to your purchasing department’s requirements
  • Effective determination logic: automatic identification and incorporation of for example chain transactions, special processes and different registration statuses
  • Easy for your tax experts to use – no special IT knowledge required
  • Minimal manual input, which saves time while also reducing possible sources of errors
  • Full transparency thanks to the possibility of continuous monitoring throughout the process
  • Correct identification of VAT circumstances leads to correct VAT results
  • Reduced strain on your IT department – “translation” of technical specifications into the SAP® system no longer necessary
„Out of the Box”-Features
  • Automatic tax determination also with respect to self-billing
  • Determination of transaction types (VAT facts and circumstances)
  • Definition of further VAT-relevant parameters for each transaction type
  • Only one condition table for determining the tax code
  • Identification of chain transactions (by the number of predecessors and successors)
  • Provision of all additional fields in the purchase order at header and item level with manual override option
  • Maintenance of the aforementioned fields based on authorisation
  • Company code-dependent activation of the new tax determination based on the document date
  • Determination of the transport code, values such as transport by supplier or by customer
  • Determination of user’s own and supplier’s registration status
  • Determination of the supplier’s VAT ID No. indicator (which VAT ID No. was actually used)
  • User documentation within the software (F1 help)
  • Software code documentation via in-code commentaries

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Alongside “Tax Determination 4.0”, TLI VAT Suite offers you a range of extensive solutions for managing your VAT affairs.
“Tax Determination 4.0 Purchases” is a product from our services area „Process and IT Optimization for VAT”.